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CD Release Party - Lovesong
Sunday, October 27, 2013
San Francisco, CA
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Sheilani released her first album, When Night Falls in 2010
that highlights standards from the 30’sand 40’s.
Three years later, she is now ready to release her second
album, Lovesong. This album is reflective of her eclectic influences and coffeeshop singing days and features acoustic takes on American pop covers that are drenched in love,
warm sand and tropical breezes inspired by her
recent hiatus to the Philippines.

Check out Sheilani's debut album, When Night Falls click here

Sheilani Alix's second album, "Lovesong", is now available online! It's currently available two ways:

1) Old Skool way: Compact disc format, delivered with
love via postal mail.  Get the full 11-track album, complete with beautiful artwork and Island Flower sticker.
$15 (+shipping and tax). Ships out within 5 days.

2) Electronic Age way: Digital download of singles.
Additional album tracks will be released in the coming month.
If you want it all now, please order the complete compact disc. $1 (or more, if you like!)"

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Upcoming gigs (click on Gigs for more detail)

Date Venue Location
January 27, 2013 Private Event San Francisco, CA
January 29, 2013
Castlerock Restaurant
Livermore, CA
March 5, 2013 Cafe Royale San Francisco, CA
April 24, 2013
Bindlestiff Studio
San Francisco , CA
April 27, 2013 Private Event Castro Valley, CA
April 30, 2013
Cafe Royale
San Francisco, CA
May 26, 2013 The Riptide San Francisco, CA
May 26, 2013
Expressions Gallery
Berkeley, CA
June 1, 2013 Private Event Berkeley, CA
June 25, 2013 Cafe Royale
San Francisco, CA
July 27, 2013 Private Event Burlingame, CA
August 20, 2013 Cafe Royale
San Francisco, CA
Sept. 29, 2013 M Cafe Makati, Philippines
October 13, 2013 M Cafe Makati, Philippines
October 27, 2013 CD Release Party - Lovesong
Pa'ina Lounge
San Francisco, CA
October 13, 2013 M Cafe Makati, Philippines
November 19, 2013 RADIO INTERVIEW
KPOO, 89.5FM
4:00pm Hour
San Francisco, CA
November 30, 2013 International Hotel, Manllatown San Francisco, CA
December 14, 2013 Theater Residencies, Inc.
Mink Lounge
San Francisco, CA


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